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What is CBD…?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming known around the globe for its high potential for medicinal use and the alleviation it may provide for a variety of conditions. 

CBD Oil is a popular topic being discussed around the world and seems to be popping up everywhere including Health Food Stores, Smoke Shops, Grocery Stores and even Fast Food Restaurants. So, what is the big hype, what exactly is CBD Oil? Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many molecular properties that can be found prominently within the Hemp (and Cannabis) plant, called cannabinoids.

Cannabidiol (CBD) can be extracted and consumed through various methods. However, one of the most popular and highest yielding in CBD in addition to other cannabinoids throughout the spectrum is called Full Spectrum.  Full Spectrum extracts contain varying levels of other cannabinoids including CBDV, CBC, CBG, THCA, CBN, CBGA, CBDA, THCV or A9-THC.

CBD Oil Tinctures

Our premium quality Full Spectrum Oil Tinctures are infused with rich cannabinoids which include CBD, CBDV, and CBG.  Try Good Fortune CBD Oil Tinctures today!

The Oil tinctures come in a 30ml bottle, with a 500mg CBD strength.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Premium Quality Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil is one of the most popular forms of CBD (Cannabidiol) oil due to the promising results that consumers have reported. Many believe that Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts are the most effective source of CBD (Cannabidiol), due to it containing a vast array of cannabinoids that are found within the Hemp and Cannabis Plants.

Thus far, there have been at least 61 cannabinoids that have been discovered world-wide, that number seems to be increasing significantly as time moves forward. [ CITATION USN \l 1033 ]

There are still more cannabinoids being discovered within the spectrum!

Each strain contains differing levels of cannabinoids – as a result, the consumer may have different forms of alleviation and relaxation depending upon the strain of which they consume. Discovering the proper dosage and proper strain is of vital importance regarding seeking out and obtaining the maximum benefit from your CBD consumption. 

Did you know…?

Every individual possesses a unique endocannabinoid system. Your endocannabinoid system is literally designed to process cannabinoids. Processing cannabinoids is it’s pure and sole function within your body. Can you believe your body literally has an entire system designed to process cannabinoids? 

CBD Vape Juices

Good Fortune’s Premium CBD e liquid juices come in flavorful fruits and deserts flavors.  Vaping Good Fortune CBD e liquids is one of the best ways to absorb CBD into your system. Try Good Fortune CBD e juices today!

The vape juices will come in 30ml bottles.

Potential Benefits & Forms of Alleviation that CBD May Provide

While there are still clinical studies being performed around the globe to determine the true and potential health benefits that CBD may provide – these health claims cannot be guaranteed at this time. However, many consumers have reported outstanding positive results when using CBD.

Obtaining the right quality of CBD (Cannabidiol) is of the uppermost importance when it comes to reaping the benefits of which the oil may provide. Good Fortune CBD is here for you. We take pride in seeking out only the highest quality, purest, most effective CBD on the market. We source our CBD from growers who take pride in cultivating quality, potent, 3rd party lab-tested hemp plants that yield highly effective CBD (Cannabidiol) levels.

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Because CBD does not interact with our body in the same way that marijuana does, it poses no risk of addiction.

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We take pride in our products and only use the best ingredients, ensuring the best results for you.

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